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In December of 2010 I released my Clubbell training program, the Clubbell Mass Evolution. A full 3 month training program with a specific focus of putting on lean muscle mass using clubbells.

“Clubbells are now my true love when it comes to any kind of free weight training system. The Clubbell Mass Evolution was a truly enlightening and fabulously fun way to get trained in them, thanks to Shane Heins of Gymnos E.”   -N.G.-

While the feedback I have gotten from those who have used it has been great, I have had a few people write in asking where they might find more before and after pictures. They really like the philosophy and the approach. They just aren’t seeing what the outcome actually looks like. And they feel they need to see the physical “results” to motivate them to take the plunge.

“I just started Cycle 2 today…oh.my.god. I love it! I love the rhythm, the flow. I’m seeing changes in my body, too….  I feel like my metabolism has been turned back on and revved up….Even though I still have cycle 3 to go, I can honestly say that I already feel stronger than I did after 3 months of personal training linear-style.”  -S.D.-

And you know what? Totally fair question. I also really appreciate their honesty. The before’s and after’s is an interesting one. I had my beta testers  for the program take before and after pictures. And while it wasn’t dramatic from a picture stand point, there were changes. But I’d decided not to require them to go on a strict diet (which most other

programs that show before and after’s do, because you cannot get those types of results without it.) I actually provide a nutritional guide with the program. It’s not a pre-prescribed diet, because for the majority, those don’t work. So it’s geared to helping everyone systematically shift their eating habits, in a way that allows them to find the “diet”, or way of eating, that works best for them ,while providing a means to helping them achieve continuous, sustainable progress.

“The nutritional guide to Gymnos Evolution’s “Clubbell Mass Evolution” is the most sensible 11pgs on nutrition I’ve read in a fitness product” -D.M.-

But I wanted to see the results people got from just incorporating the program itself into their life (as very few will actually undergo the whole kit and kaboudal off the bat.) This is fitness for life.

“This program accentuates Clubbell skill acquisition, immensely. I have been able to try and succeed with some of Coach Jone’s ballistics now. Encore! Encore!”  -M.S.-

What have the results been? All the ladies who have done the program have only gained a few pounds (if any), but dropped good amount of body fat. They get a shift in their body composition, firm up and feel really strong. So they are obviously happy. Consistently, the guys so far writing in are gaining between 6-12 lbs after 3 months. But that also includes a drop in body fat, change in body composition and feeling stronger. Another major point of feedback is feeling back, shoulder and hip imbalances getting corrected (more mobile and pain free).

This is what I want people to connect to with CBME. To gain the benefits of putting on lean muscle mass (it doesn’t have to be in excessive volumes) in a way that enhances their life, rather than causes frustration and disappointment, deflating their efforts to continue. Instead, to gain strength. To feel capable. To be mobile and pain free. To give them access to other interests and pursuits. To be excited about their fitness. To be inspire by it.

“I was doing a clubbell workout out on the back deck, near the squirrel feeder, and this squirrel was watching me intently. I went back out later, the clubbells were over under the feeder, and that squirrel had experienced some CLUBBELL MASS EVOLUTION!

Loving CBME! Phase 1 is a great workout, and really looking forward to the wild variety in the coming stages!”  -M.L.-

Yes, it is a specific lean muscle mass building program. That’s how it was designed. But this program is simultaneously a “mass” evolution. It’s is an evolution for the masses in how we look at gaining that lean muscle. That’s its intention. And with that shift, I anticipate more people (the 85% who normally don’t see those results) actually seeing the gains. Even I myself have been pleasantly surprised at the number of people who have gone through and either completed or are in the middle of completing the program (all 3 months), from start to finish. That’s not common, especially so soon after release.

 “So far, really enjoying the CBME.  I’m using it with a small group of women who have worked with me for several months and are familiar with clubbells – but unfamiliar with the volume.  Two of them are in their seventies!”  -J.K.-

Getting into the before and after pictures starts to automatically shift the perception back to what we’re used to seeing. And I’m hesitant to unintentionally set up that trap for people to fall into, with expectations that they may or may not achieve, not because of the program, but because of their perception of what they think they should be looking like (and the reality of what they will have to undergo to do so). By taking that away, there is an increase in the percentage of people who are seeing it thru to the end (that includes 7 women! 7 WOMEN undertaking a MUSCLE MASS BUILDING program, not including those in the above mentioned class), which then does bring them the results and feeling great while they’re at it.

“Day 10. High intensity day. Workout B. Still using the 15s for Barbarian lunge, Duck, Drop and Drive and Figure 8 Shield Cast. The figure 8 is still clumsy. Need to work on the form more. Good and intense workout today. Really needed this to lift up my spirit.”   -T.J.-

Of course, that being said, you can’t just talk the talk without showing SOMETHING. So there is the journey of my Beta Testers:

Part 1

Founding member of Gold Medal Bodies and CST International Education Director Ryan Hurst:

Here’s mine:
Part 1

“All I can say is AWESOME WORKOUT!

I’m a military officer with 23 years of service….B.S. in physical fitness, been certified as an Army Master Fitness Trainer and at one time certified with the American College of Sports Medicine…..I have been a paratrooper and served as a reconnaissance platoon leader, military police company commander, and have worked with foreign governments training their personnel in VIP protection….I have been an operator my entire time, and physical fitness has always been a top priority – especially functional/tactical fitness – and I think I have the experience and knowledge to know what works (and this does).

At 42 years old, I’m always searching for programs that keep me at the top of my game to compete with the younger generations. Thanks for providing an awesome program that will definitely occupy a place in my own personal workout sessions.”  – R. –

So I will continue to NOT use before and after pictures. Because this is an evolution. A mass evolution. And I am far more interested, moved, inspired and motivated by the experiences people have had and the stories they share. To me, they speak so much more honestly to the journey many of us are on and what we are truly looking to have access to in our lives.

Dare to Evolve,

For more of these stories, you can find them at the Clubbell Mass Evolution. Have one you’d like to share? I would love to hear about it.


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Over this last summer it was interesting to observe a similarity that I was seeing in many “Huge Success’s” I was coming across. Most of them found themselves with only 50 cents in their pocket and were homeless. No literally, this appears to be, recently anyway, the trend. And then they tell you how they changed it all around and became millionaires. I’m not arguing whether they did or not. Neither do I sit here, resentful of their success. What it caused me to do was come back to reflect on what motivates us. Because they were now selling how you could do the same. And the motivation behind getting there? Money. Even when they flower it in “living the life you want”. Because that picture being described always came back to living a life of leisure, having a huge house, fancy car, etc. Eventually coming full circle to making loads of cash.

The thing is, money as a motivator doesn’t work. If it did, we’d all be bazilionaires. Who it works for are those who use it to push our “desire” buttons. Our desires of having what we’re being told is the ideal life. Our desire, that constant pull back, to being comfortable and not working so hard. To having more but doing less. But do we really want to be doing less? Or is it we just want to be doing less of the daily “grind” that doesn’t fulfill us? We associate having more with being happy. But perhaps we misconstrue “more” for material consumption and gain. When in reality, we want more of what feeds the fire deep within us. Feeding our inspiration, our creativeness, the expression of our gifts, our sense of purposefulness, our contribution to those around us and living this life of ours to the utmost.

Yet we keep getting sold on “make your millions” to live the life you want. Funny how we keep pouring what money we have into it. But for what? Because for most of us, making money, as an end, doesn’t hold true value for us. It doesn’t provide the intrinsic motivation to create that success or wealth. Otherwise we wouldn’t sputter out so quick in our efforts.

To get to that place where success (and whatever wealth is associated with it) is generated, we need that motivating force that will have us pushing, driving and hungry to make it happen. We all love the panoramic view from the mountaintop. But we don’t get to that view without having that challenging climb before us. Something far greater than the ineffectiveness of material wealth, which in this case would be akin to having the newest climbing gear, but never starting the ascent. It’s cool to wear for a bit, but when you don’t use it for any good reason, it quickly loses it’s appeal and we are then once again in search of the next “hit”. Let’s face it, whenever we overcome a great challenge, we feel the exhilaration of true accomplishment, because in the process we overcame perceived limitations and obstacles that is likened to being freed from self-imposed chains and fetters. There was meaningful purpose behind what we were able to do, even if just on a personal level.

I have run my own business, Gymnos Evolution, for nearly 2 years now. It has been the sole source of income for my family and I. It has been a tough slog. And yet at any point where it felt hard and like there was no “financial” gains being made, in fact perhaps seeing a decline, it also simultaneously showed immense promise and signs of growth on a whole other level. The vision of the business continued to expand, the building of my  Team around me continued to expand, the recognition and acceptance of the value I brought to others(not just by others but by myself as well) continued to expand. So plug away I went. And behind it all was my motivating reason. It was my commitment to being a part of bettering the lives of those I serve. Of providing the opportunities for us to grow as individuals and as a community. This is what drives me, stokes my fire, has meaning, gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment in my day to day life. With everything I have faced over the last 2 years and the sacrifices my family have made in support of it, there’s no way I would have stuck around for the money. It wouldn’t have meant enough to do so (despite the fact that we “needed” it).

And about 8 weeks ago, I found myself at the very bottom of bottom, financially. The lowest I have ever been. We were already well below zero and about to go into the realm of nothingness. We were already approaching rock bottom when I went to California to attend the CST Head Coach and TACFIT Team Leader Certifications with RMAX International. I actually found an arrangement that allowed me to return collected bottles to help cover the cost. Now this is TABOO to talk about your financial situation. Especially if you want to present a “front” of being at the top of your game. There’s this notion that people think if you are financially unsuccessful, then there is no value to what you have to offer, because you have no money. Yet at this point of being financially the lowest I’ve ever been, with a wife and two boys to support, I was feeling MORE SUCCESSFUL in my business and MORE FULFILLED in my work than I ever have in my life. And this is why I share. I don’t care what others perceive about me to be true or not. I care about the honesty I pour into my process, into my growth and into the service I provide others. And if my example can help show the skewed correlation between success and money, than it has served it’s purpose.

Does that mean I don’t need to make money or learn how to do it better? Well no. There’s obviously much I still have to learn. 🙂 But the importance is that it is not my motivating drive. Even at that state, I had no thoughts of quitting. I had no thoughts of doom and gloom. Okay, maybe a little bit of gloom, but otherwise, just as focused as ever. All thoughts were honed in on “how do I make it work?” What actions do I need to take, that I have not been taking? Where do I need to grow. How do I need to grow?  And therein lies the power of finding your purpose behind what you do. Finding your motivation with Mmmphhh! It’s what gets you through the dicey spots to the panoramic view. So if you find yourself feeling sucked into being sold on “make your millions to live the life you want”, perhaps start thinking rather about living the life you want, so the millions can flow in. And the life you want being driven by what is truly important to you, allowing you to find purposefulness in it, to connect to the heart of who you are and the gifts you have to share with the world.

I’d meant to write this post 8 weeks ago, in the midst of it all, to see how it all turned out. Wouldn’t you know it if I’ve been too busy to do so, because the floodgates of opportunities have opened and I am now facing the most financially successful period of happily running my own, very fulfilling, business.

Dare to Evolve,

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