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Our “inner voice” is immensely powerful. It comes in two frequency’s, with two seemingly opposing messages. In reality, however, two sides of the same coin. One from the head, one from the heart. But one overshadow’s the other. It’s smooth talking, very rational and knows every self-preservation button to push. It’s influence is old, dating back to our very beginnings. It is the voice that nullifies, decreasing the instances of risk-taking…..or perceived risk-taking. Thus ensuring survival.

Only, we no longer live in an age where the basic necessities for survival are barely available. We have every means to move beyond survive. We have every means to truly THRIVE!

Much of the perceived risk-taking is only the risk of standing out (previously a guarantee of being spotted by something that wants to eat you). But to truly tap into each of our unique gifts, that which only we can bring the value of to the world, standing out comes as a direct result.

The motivation, the drive and the inspiration comes from the other side of that coin. It’s power draws from the very emanating source of creation. It is alive, passionate and creative. It is also very sensitive. And despite its incredible strength and power to transform everything around it, it takes great effort to nurture it, to encourage it, to release it. To fuel it’s blazing fire with confidence means overcoming our deep rooted, genetic instinct to survive.

The fire of our life is at our beck and call, ready to spring forth. We need just embrace our desire to thrive and ignite….

Dare to Evolve,


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