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I want to take a moment to weigh in on Scott Sonnon’s newest TACFIT project: Tactical Gymnastics (TACGYM).


Now I don’t normally do “product reviews” here on the blog, though I’ve been wanting to share more about the programs I’ve found to be most effective for developing optimal fitness, health, performance and longevity. Because our physical well-being is part of the whole. And I’ve found addressing our personal evolutions can sometimes feel easier when we have something tangible to grab onto. A source that gives direct feedback that we feel and can connect to right away, ie: sweat, fatigue, the struggle of moving objects through space, etc.

I’m a very physical person. Always have been. That physicality has been a major part of my process of growth, my forge for unveiling the deeper recess’s of my capacity. That is why I became a health professional. Because while I care about your fitness, I care more about your journey to accessing the greatest heights of your potential. And it is through the physical gateway I know how best to serve.

Okay, back to TACGYM. I’m not going to give the play by play of what’s in the box and what you get, in terms of materials, for your investment. There are others out there that give GREAT reviews in that capacity. Far better than I ever would. That and you’ll see everything that comes with the program when the official page goes up.

I’m going to weigh in on this, the newest in Circular Strength Training’s TACFIT armada, as a practitioner of these materials and from the background of a CST Head Coach and TACFIT Team Leader.

Now being the National Director for Canada and on RMAX’s International Education Committee, there’s potential for this to be seen as extremely biased. And I’ll be honest, there is some biased here. It can’t be helped. I’m a fan of the system. It’s why I’ve stuck around as long as I have.

Circular Strength Training

But here’s why. Circular Strength Training (CST) is the most complete system for health, fitness, performance, well-being andlongevity I have ever come across. And I’ve explored quite a few different modalities. I’m not saying that it’s the only thing out there. Or that others don’t have great benefit. There is so much out there and so much cross over. In the end it really does come down to what connects with you most, if it’ll get you moving. But as a COMPLETE system, taking in the greatest aspects of our health, that have the greatest, most effective impact, I have met no equal. And I have seen it’s impact first hand, not only in myself, but in so many around me who have taken the plunge.

And TACGYM, as a program of that system, is no exception. The tactical focus of TACFIT is meant to take the health-first performance benefits of CST and apply it to the needs of the tactical community; police, military, firefighters. The individuals who serve in this capacity are among those who face the highest degree of stress and intensity in their occupations on a day in and day out basis. A level that has long term effects on their health. And as it turns out, we all face, on a daily basis, higher levels of stress than ever before in history. So not only is it beneficial for tactical responders, it’s beneficial for u all.

Where Tactical Gymnastics fits in is the integration between the very effective recovery methods within CST, more specifically the bio-mechanical exercises from Sonnon’s original Body-Flow* , and the unique application of protocol, movement selection and tactically specific preparation, to be able to adapt and improvise in the face unknowable challenges, of TACFIT.

*If you were to look at stretches, yoga or gross motor movement, it’s the movement in between the movements. The transitional keys to unbinding and accessing flow in all degree’s we are meant to move. For an example, check out Sonnon applying it here.

This is HUGE. Because that is TACFIT’s paramount objective: recovery. To learn to recover as fast as humanly possible, from within the range of heart rate max, without the aid of external expensive, state-of-the-art equipment. Rather tapping into the most state-of-the-art machine we have available to us, our Body. Because when it comes down to it, it’s not about who’s bigger or faster or stronger. It’s about who can recover faster. He who recovers fastest, wins.

And that’s not me just saying that because I drank the Koolaid. It’s me saying it because I’ve experienced it. Over and over again. I’ve been taken to my very edge and recovered faster than I ever have before having worked at that level. And then taken to the edge again. And again. And again. Where I could just keep going each and every time, working at my max. And I have helped others do the same. Think about it. You could be the biggest, the strongest and the fastest. But if you are unable to recover to come back and perform at near top performance, the one who can is going to do it again. And again. And…well you get the point. And they are going to leave you in their dust.

This is not just applicable to sports or athletes or tactical responders. It applies to all of us as well. How many times have you found yourself facing a challenge, a “Beast”, in your life that stopped you dead in your tracks? That blocked you at every turn, seeming near impossible to get by? A challenge, that you weren’t expecting to face, but took months, maybe years to get past? To recover, so you could get on with your life?

Being able to train in this manner for your physical development automatically translates into your mental and emotional development as well. If you train (with all the benefits of getting bigger, faster, stronger, fat loss, etc) in a manner as such, you will begin to recover faster mentally and emotionally as well. Think what that starts to mean for you in your life, if you can get through that pit of quicksand in weeks instead of years. In days instead of months. Moving you forward, faster from one stage of growth to the next. What does that mean for your life and the potential to live it in a manner we all, deep down wish to? To it’s greatest extent.

The thing is, attending to the recovery from the training (which is paramount, no matter what program you train in), is the most challenging for us. It’s always easier, ironically enough, to dive in to the deep end and do the “hardest” part, running ourselves ragged. We don’t last long, but it’s what we gravitate to. Where it takes more self motivation to get off the couch to attend to our active recovery.

This is where TACGYM has bridged the two. Taking movements that will continue to release bound up tension by moving us outside the limited ranges of the “box” that much of our life is lived in. But turning it into a training approach we are more apt to undertake. On top of that, developing everything we’ve talked about above. Not to mention having fun. This is one of the gifts of Circular Strength Training and all it’s incarnation’s. It lets us tap into such a high degree of movement sophistication and complexity, that our nervous system is constantly excited, constantly wanting more. Would you believe, that’s one of the biggest keys to youthful vitality and longevity. And having the progressive levels of sophistication, that is one of Scott Sonnon and CST’s trademarks, you too can get there.

As part of the launch, Sonnon has given out a Free book and video teaching you what is required for TACFIT’s Spartan Challenge : “Defeat the Beast”(an example of what you from Tactical Gymnastics). Give it a try:

*offer is now over* (but you can take a look at my example on Youtube and give it a try).

For the TACGYM product itself you can go straight here.

You can also follow along as I take you through what it is like to undergo the challenge itself. Tough. Just remember, included is a regression level to come in at. It’s not about doing what everyone else is doing. It’s about daring ourselves to face the “Beast”, wherever it may present itself. Enjoy. ;D

Dare to Evolve,


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